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Carmel, CA 93922
Fax 831-375-7295



Savings are per round
for two golfers

Hapuna Golf Course
Kona, Hawaii
Save $60

Steele Canyon Golf Club
Jamul, CA
Save $60

Poppy Hills 10Pebble Beach, CA
Save $206

Running Y RanchKlamath Falls, OR
Save $34

The RevereHenderson, NV
Save $40

Raven Golf CoursePhoenix, AZ
Save $55

Bayonet Black Horse Golf ClubSeaside, CA
Save $80

TPC Las VegasLas Vegas, NV
Save $42

Temecula CreekTemecula, CA
Save $60

Rancho Bernardo Golf ClubSan Diego, CA
Save $102

Presidio Golf CourseSan Francisco, CA
Save $120

Grays CrossingTruckee, CA
Save $80

Diablo GrandePatterson, CA
Save $28

Grizzly RanchPortola, CA
Save $100

Lake ShastinaWeed, CA
Save $32


PGA west
La Quinta,CA
Save $195

The RidgeAuburn, CA
Save $24

Floating GreenCoeurd'Alene, ID
Save $170


Genoa LakesGenoa, NV
Save $48

Plumas PinesBlairsden, CA
Save $60

Seascape Golf Course
Aptos, CA
Save $54

Old Greenwood Golf Course
Truckee, CA
Save $92

Blacklake Golf Course
Nipomo, CA
Save $ 60

Redhawk Golf Course
Temecula, CA
Save $90


Enjoy Super Green Fee Discounts
Save Up To $200 Per Round
Everytime You Play Golf as a Club 19 Member!

Your Green Fee Savings Are good for
12 months from the time you join
and the discounts are valid for 1 or 2 golfers

Greetings Golfer,

Club 19 members have been saving money with discount green fees, golf vacations, and special rates at golf resorts for over 30 years.

There are over 500 golf courses in 12 states where your discount green fees will range from Golf Digest top picks like Pasatiempo (save $200 for each round), Las Vegas Paiute ($64), Grizzly Ranch ($82), and PGA West ($199), to your favorites like Bayonet/Blackhorse ($110), Greenhorn Creek ($60) and Waikoloa ($100).

"We are one of Club19's first members.
We've been saving on green fees since 1981."

Bill & Mary Graves, Richmond , CA 

Enjoy The Oldest and Largest Book Of
Green Fee Savings In The West

Cover 32 editionWhen you join Club 19 you receive the Golfer's Entertainment Guide that includes a listing of the 500 courses offering 2 for 1 green fees, special golf packages and other golf savings... many with unlimited savings.

The Guide lists their discount offer, course information, directions and phone number. To redeem your savings, just show the starter your Guide; course offers are valid from two times to unlimited.

Your Club 19 Guide is like having 500 coupons all organized (by state and region) in one handy book ready to help you plan your golf getaways... whether at home or on the road.

"I love every new adventure and every dollar I save."
George Marley, Sacramento
, CA


Enjoy Savings On The Go

Club 19 members have been using their Golfer's Entertainment Guide since 1981 and here's why they love it.

Click here on Participating Courses for a complete listing of all 500 courses.

"Club 19 gives us incentive to visit new courses."
Woody & Joey Ames, Truckee
, CA

Two Most Popular Features

Besides the great savings, the two most popular features that golfer's like about Club 19 are:

"Club 19 is part of our golf equipment."
Fabian & Trini Romano, Santa Maria
, CA


And Here's More Club 19 benefits

Resort Savings

Suit CaseEnjoy a getaway? Now you can plan fun trips to over 130 golf resorts located in California, Canada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada and Arizona. These resorts offer Club 19 members their best priced golf packages and are listed in the 32nd edition of the Club 19 Entertainment Book with their toll free numbers so you can make plans for your next golf getaway.

Handicap Service

Club 19 also offers a handicap service through the Northern California Golf Association. This is a USGA handicap recognized by all golf courses. Any golfer from any state or country can obtain a NCGA/USGA handicap through Club 19. The handicap system is computerized so all scores are posted online (at your course or at home) and you can track your handicap (it is updated bimonthly) via your home computer.

You can get a handicap anytime, but they are all valid on a calendar year basis. In October of each year, you can sign up for a handicap and it will be valid for 15 months. The cost is $75 to join and $65 to renew annually.

Bonus Feature: NCGA members pay half price green fees at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge.

"We are one of Club19's first members;
we have been saving on green fees since 1981"
Bill & Mary Graves, Richmond , CA


Relax On Our Famous Tour Vacations

Coeur d'Alene's 14th holeClub 19 has hosted golf vacations to top resort destinations around the world since 1983. They are first class vacations at very competitive rates. If you enjoy being pampered, participating in well organized functions and playing at the best golf courses in the world, plan on joining us at one of our upcoming vacations.

We travel to some of the most popular golf locations including Canada, Bermuda, Hawaii, Caribbean, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Maine and more.

Click on Vacations in the Sidebar for more details about each vacation.

Best In The West

Here's How You Can Benefit From Club 19:

handy and easy to carry book of savings
courses with discounts throughout the west
Golf Digest 4 1/2 star courses for less
golfers per book (both receive savings)
months of savings from the time you join (join anytime)
golf resorts offering discount golf packages
tour escorted golf vacations per year to choose from
newsletters keeping you up to date on activities
USGA handicap per golfer (optional)

Your Club 19 Membership Is Risk-Free

GauranteeYou will have ample time to try it. Your Club 19 membership is risk-free for 12 months! All Gail and I ask is that you use your Golfer's Entertainment Guide. You’ll either enjoy the savings and fun or you may find that it is not up to par for you. Either way you’re the winner. If you like Club 19’s Golf & Travel Club, then relish every round and every dollar you save. If you would like to return it, just send us the membership materials and we will refund your membership fee without question.

Join Anytime

Your Companion is Free!

When you join Club 19, your spouse, friend or companion is automatically a member at no extra cost. Just list their name on the application. You receive one Member's Guide; the personalized label will show both names.

A real advantage of Club 19 is you can join anytime during the year and your membership will be valid for 12 months from the time you join.


Bonus Gift Offers You More Savings

Now that we have shown you how to save money on your green fees at courses near you or when you are traveling, we would like to help you save strokes on your golf score. When you join Club 19 you will receive the free e-book, "Secrets For Putting".

Did you know that putting makes up half your score? Two putts per hole times 18 holes is 36 strokes... out of a 72 par course. So you can see the fastest way to lower your score is to improve your putting! And, since putting is mechanically the easiest stroke in golf, you can learn quickly how to master the simple mechanics of the putt. When your putt is confident, so is your mental attitude, which really improves your putting ability.

The "Secrets For Putting" is easy and simple to follow. You learn how to putt by first building up your set-up skills: (grip, posture stance, ball position and alignment): then you build the swing mechanics of the putt (5 easy moves): then you learn the basic ideas of putting strategy and finally you are shown how to "burn" your putt - or what experts call creating muscle memory so all your putts are the same. Most importantly, we tell you what makes a confident putter.

Club 19 saves you money and strokes... two great ways to save on the greens.

What's Easier Than A Gimmie Putt?

Starting your green fee savings now! And here is what you get with your 12 month membership!

Best of all two golfers can be on the membership and it is valid for 12 months from the time you join and you can join anytime. Enjoy weekend deals at the majority of courses, unlimited offers at many and 2 for 1 offers at half the courses.

The regular cost of a Club 19 membership is $49, plus $5 s/h. However, join now with this special offer and your cost will only be $39, a $15 savings! Just a few rounds with Club 19 will more than equal your cost of a Club 19 membership.

Click Here To Order Club 19

You can call us toll free to join: 800-347-6119.

We hope all your fairways bring you great golf, lots of savings and fun along the way!

Best of Golf,

Don's Signature                    Gail's Signature

Don Faimann                       Gail Rider

P.S. No other discount book offers savings for two golfers at one price; your golfing companion is always free with Club 19.

PPS. Give a gift that's a stroke of genius and be remembered all year long. From now through December 31, enjoy special gift rates for family or friends on your celebration list. The first gift membership is only $35 and the second is just $30. Postage is $5 for the first and free for the second.

Club 19 also offers special rates for groups. Just call us at 1-800-347-6119.

Club 19 Golf & Travel Club
Copyright 1981

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